Using Meditation to Reduce Cancer Related Anxiety

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In November, we had Jacob Felder come to talk with our lung cancer group about meditation. Meditation has a lot of benefits. Specifically, for our group, we focused on how simple meditation can help lower the anxiety resulting from a diagnosis of cancer.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress…
  • Clears the mind…
  • Increases energy…
  • Improves sleep…
  • Relieves pain…
  • Lowers blood pressure…
  • Reduces anxiety…

The group enjoyed the presentation and wanted to know more about how to access Jacob’s classes. He was kind enough to share! You can also find links to guided meditation you can try at home.

Remember, DON’T do guided meditation while driving! 🙂

Meditation in a Nutshell

The three elements of any successful meditation are:

  1. Focus
  2. Relaxation
  3. Awareness

Focus keeps the mind anchored and away from busy thought.

Relaxation releases tightness and tension from the body.

Awareness enables you to monitor your mind/body.

The three key stages of consciousness to become familiar with are Beta, Alpha, and Theta. They are brain wave frequencies measured in Hertz. (Hertz is a quantitative measure for describing brain wave activity).

  • Beta – 14 Hertz and higher. The busy mind.
  • Alpha – 8 to 13 Hertz. As relaxed as you can be while remaining awake. The realm of “Light Meditation.”
  • Theta – 4 to 7 Hertz. The brain wave activity that is prominent in the 1st and 2nd phases of sleep in which you are most likely to be able to maintain conscious awareness. The realm of “Deep Meditation.”

As you can see, there is great variance in Hertz and states of consciousness.

For a sitting meditation

To move from “busy mind” to “light meditation” you need to focus on something non-thought provoking while simultaneously relaxing the body.

To move from “light meditation” to “deep meditation”, you must stay with your focus and continue to relax as much as possible until you transition into Theta.

To remain stable in “deep meditation” you must turn your attention to preventing deep sleep by using your focus to keep the mind alert.

A few extra thoughts, hints, and insights

Experiment with focus until you find 1, 2, or even 3 focuses that work well for you. Be creative.

If your focus is not enough to keep your mind alert while in “deep meditation”, try deepening the breath, gently moving the arms and/legs, or simply opening the eyes for a moment.

Increase the efficiency of your relaxation response by practicing different relaxation techniques. For example, progressive relaxation, body scanning, breath exercises, etc….

Use your focus as you go to sleep at night. This will produce a conditioned response to your focus that will hasten relaxation when using your focus at other times. However, if using this technique disturbs or delays your sleep do not use it.

Remember, meditation is not a single solitary stable condition that will be the same every time you meditate. There is huge variance of consciousness in “light meditation” and “deep meditation.”

Thus the old saying, “meditation has many layers, just as there are many layers of the onion”.

Download relaxation routines as taught by Jacob Felder!

Use the two routines under: “Lesson 1, RELAXATION TRAINING”.
(Do not listen to either while driving.)

The idea is to get comfortable with basic relaxation techniques first. Later you will be using the meditation downloads.

Track I, is the entire routine including a call-out at the end, i.,e., the silence is verbally interrupted and you are guided back to normal waking consciousness.

Track II has the lead-in only without a call-out, i.e., I do not break the silence on this track. Therefore, Track II is good to use if you want more time, maybe using a timer, or you can use it as you drift off to sleep at night.

Keep in mind, do not use any of these routines if they disturb your normal sleep. In most cases relaxation will actually enhance a good night’s sleep.

Download meditation routines as taught by Jacob Felder.

Use the two routines under: “Lesson 2, MEDITATION: THE AWARENESS APPROACH™”.
(Do not listen to either while driving.)

We hope you will use and enjoy the meditation downloads and that these meditation routines will help with your future meditation, relaxation, and stress-reduction.

Opportunities to learn more!

Meditation Training @ The Yoga Gallery this Winter of 2016

Reduce stress and live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life. Learn what meditation is, how it works, and how to make it work for you. Jacob Felder, accomplished meditator and teacher, introduces and guides individuals and groups easily to the practice of meditation (both, the lighter states and the deeper states) as well as stress reduction, relaxation, and mindfulness. The benefits of meditation are numerous, well known, and scientifically confirmed.


*Mondays 6:PM to 7:15. Begins Jan. 18th for a 6 week session ending Feb. 22nd.

*Located at 534 Liberty St. in Winston-Salem, NC 27101 at The Yoga Gallery

*$139 if paid before Jan. 4th. $149 if paid after Jan. 4th.

For more information contact Jacob at 336-407-8602 or e-mail him at: