Pink Broomstick® Rehabilitation Exercise Videos

Plan to begin this exercise program as soon as your physician gives you permission. When you begin these exercises, you may find that you tire easily and that there is some discomfort as you attempt to do them. However, continue to do them to the point of slight discomfort but not until it becomes painful. Work at your own pace and do these exercises on a regular basis.


Exercise #1 – “Standing Wall Slide”

Exercise #2 – “Back Slide”

Exercise #3 – “Overhead Stretch”

Exercise #4 – “Snow Angel Floor Slide”

Exercise #5 – “Rotation Stretch”

Exercise #6 – “Shoulder Blade Stretch”

Exercise #7 – “Shoulder Blade Pinch”


pink broomstick nutrition

For nutrition information during and after treatment, our Wellness Director Julie Lanford writes at and has lots of practical information and recipes. She has developed information especially for you! On her Pink Broomstick Nutrition page you’ll find PDF downloads of:

  • Nutrition Wellness Tips
  • Nutrition During Treatment Tips
  • Foods that Fight Cancer™

Take this next step in your journey toward healing and feel free to call our office if you have any questions!