Look & Feel Good: Appearance Programs at Cancer Services

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Appearance Programs

Cancer treatment affects many aspects of appearance. Cancer Services’ has a variety of ways to help clients feel good about their “new look”. All of our supplies, programs and services are available at NO CHARGE!

Appearance Boutique – wigs, hats, turbans, scarves, and other head covering needs. Visit this page for more details on the supplies and equipment we have available.

Brave Beauty—“Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer” is a program offered by Sephora and is part of their Sephora Stands – Classes for Confidence. This special program is offered at the Sephora at Hanes Mall (the stand-alone store, not Sephora in JC Penny) on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. It’s a 90-minute class on skincare and makeup tips tailored to the needs of the participants. The class is offered after hours so that clients will feel a sense of privacy. Interested clients need to call Sephora directly to register – 336-794-0025.

Advocate Appointments—Hair loss is a significant experience for patients in treatment. Here at Cancer Services, we have a large supply of hats, wigs and scarves available to our clients. Our advocates are happy to assist you in experimenting with different looks and styles in order to find what might best suit your needs and style. Please contact a member of our Patient Advocate Team or call us at 336-760-9983 to make an appointment!