Health Tip Tuesday December Round Up!

Julie Lanford Health Tip Tuesday

Here’s a round up of our Health Tip Tuesdays for the month of December!


December 6th



Health Tip Tuesday! For long days of shopping, remember to take a healthy snack. This will reduce your risk of grabbing a peppermint cupcake or a sugar-laden coffee drink! It’s better on your budget too, which can always use a boost this time of year!!


December 13th


Health Tip Tuesday! Don’t overdo it at holiday parties. Have a healthy snack and glass of water before you go to keep you from being ravenous near the sweets table. Mingle with friends away from the food to avoid munching mindlessly.


December 20th


Heath Tip Tuesday! You can keep the plate 1/2 to 2/3 full of fruits and vegetables mentality strong at Christmas, too! Start by piling fruits and vegetables onto your plate first and then fill in any gaps with a little bit of turkey, casseroles, and rolls.


December 27th


Health Tip Tuesday! Try not to make any crazy New Year’s Resolutions this year. Instead of giving up [fill in the blank] permanently or drastically changing your exercise routine, focus on small increases in fruit and vegetable intake and time spent being physically active. Track your progress and celebrate your successes! This is the simple, solution that will actually LAST the whole year!