Health Tip Tuesday April Roundup!

Julie Lanford Health Tip Tuesday

In case you missed any of our Health Tip Tuesdays shared on social media last month… here’s the roundup!


In need of a sweet treat but trying to choose a healthy option? Try stuffing a date with nut butter or adding cocoa powder and frozen banana to a smoothie. You can also put thawed frozen fruit (and the juice) over yogurt, put a few chocolate chips on a spoonful of peanut butter, or bake apples for a healthy treat.


Staying healthy can be a lot more fun and successful with a support system. Grab a buddy or a group and keep each other accountable, whether it’s discussing recipes and meal ideas, attending an exercise class, or going for a walk together in the park. Friends and being social are a part of mental and emotional health, as well!


Instead of buying microwave popcorn, pop your own over the stove! YES, just like the good ol’ days. Heat oil in a large pot, add kernels, and shake with the lid on top until the kernels are popped. Add parmesan cheese, cinnamon and brown sugar, or a little butter – or eat them plain!


Start planting your early-season crops like radishes, spinach, onion, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, beets, peas, brussels sprouts, and carrots.