Hispanic Programs

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Cancer Services Inc is proud to offer programs in both English & Spanish. Check out the Hispanic program dates below.

Gloria Hall

Meet Gloria, Cancer Services Inc’s point person for Spanish speaking clients. She assists the Patient Advocate Team with communication and provides advocacy to clients. She also plans and facilitates the sobrevivientes (survivorship) programs for clients, including a monthly support group and Cancer Transitions en español. Gloria is passionate and experienced in teaching and educating the Winston-Salem Hispanic/Latino community in health promotion and cancer risk reduction. Gloria also plans and facilitates “Prevencion,” a six-week series on the basics of cancer risk reduction. She also teaches Cooking Matters, a 6-week cooking class in partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank and a 12-class lifestyle physical activity program called Active Living Every Day.

Cancer Transitions en español:

cancer transitions description

  • 5/2/2020

Grupo de Sobrevivientes en español:

Time: 4:30 to 8:30 PM

  • 1/7/2020 Planning for 2020!
  • 2/4/2020
  • 3/3/2020
  • 4/7/2020 Art and Wellness with Sawtooth School for Visual Arts
  • 5/5/2020
  • 6/2/2020
  • 7/7/2020
  • 8/4/2020
  • 9/1/2020
  • 10/6/2020
  • 11/3/2020
  • 12/1/2020