Fundraising Opportunities

Cancer Services encourages individuals and organizations to conduct fundraising events and benefits to support the many services and programs offered to cancer survivors in our community. Conducting such events for the benefit of our agency will assist in our mission, “To enhance the quality of life for those living with cancer and to provide the gift of life through education”.

Any individual or organization (outside of Cancer Services) that organizes and hosts an event, promotion, sale, or donation drive on behalf of Cancer Services, where Cancer Services has no fiduciary responsibilities and little or no staff involvement is defined as a “third-party fundraiser.” In order to ensure that all proposed third-party fundraisers are in agreement with our organizational guidelines, and to comply with regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations, guidelines have been developed to serve as a standard for those who organize special events, benefits, or promotions on behalf of CSI. Please email Willonda Thomas, our Marketing/Development Director  for more information.

Due to the size of our staff, we are limited in the amount of support and involvement we can provide to these events. Please be assured that while our staff may only have limited involvement, you are increasing our capacity with both your management of any events and your financial contribution towards our services.

When you are raising funds for Cancer Services, that means our time is spent providing direct services, and maintaining our ability to spend only 8% of resources on management and fundraising. We are extremely grateful for your commitment.