Celebrating 60 Years of Services ~ Survivors: Past, Present & Future

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Survivors ~ Past, Present and Future

When you give to Cancer Services, you are giving directly to your neighbors, church members, and people you see around town. Families that need a lift from the daily struggles of cancer, and families who need financial help, are all impacted by your giving…and have been for the past 60 years.  As we considered who we wanted to honor this year, we decided on “Survivors ~ Past Present and Future” because there have been so many people that contributed both directly and indirectly to our agency to create a culture of caring and enhancing quality of life for anyone with any type of cancer.  I think specifically about two special people in our history that passed late last year… Linda Miller, who was our first Patient Advocate, and helped shape the way we deliver services while battling cancer for decades, an evolution that contributed to securing over $10 million in resources for cancer patients last year…and Chuck Alexander, who was one of the most passionate supporters and fundraisers for Cancer Services raising critical dollars to help us impact others, and even purchasing the wedding ring and proposing to Marion at this event!  I also think of the hundreds of thousands of individuals that we’ve helped over the years that were part of our evolution of caring and that helped inspire all of you to be a part of this evening…our agency…and our next 60 years.

Thinking back over the past 60 years, I’m so thankful to be a part of a community’s commitment to make every cancer survivor’s journey better. Together, we work to be sure they aren’t alone, that resources for treatment aren’t just available, but quickly accessible and not add to the emotional strain of the unknown, and to create a community of survivors that responds to the fear, the questions, and the conversations about hope, wellness, and possibilities.  I’m certain that Kate Hoots and Damon Blake, had no idea what was to come when Cancer Services started in 1955…as we are equally uncertain about the next 60 years…but one thing is certain…Together, we’ve all helped to insure that survivors in our community are given a chance to not only survive, but thrive. Together, we’re working for a bright future, and will continue to evolve to meet the most critical needs that survivors and our community will require.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

Please enjoy these videos, created generously by our friends at Common Giant.

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Tara O’Brien, CEO