About Cancer Services & Our Staff

Established in 1955, Cancer Services mission is “To enhance the quality of life for those living with cancer and to provide the gift of life through education.”

Our Vision

1) For all individuals facing cancer to have full access to health care treatment and the emotional, physical, and financial support services that can improve quality of life as a cancer survivor; and

2) For all members to have access to wellness information, screenings, and preventative education that will help them live a healthy lifestyle, reducing risks of cancer, increasing likelihood of early diagnosis of cancer, and impacting overall health.

We believe it is important to remain relevant to the ever-changing needs of cancer survivors and their families, so we evolve and create programs based on current needs.

Patient Advocate Team

Melissa Lyle-Nipper, MSW
Patient Advocate Director
Information & Referral, Patient Advocacy

Felicia Dobson
Patient Advocate
Information & Referral, Patient Advocacy

Lindy Milligan
Patient Advocate and Pink Broomstick® Program Coordinator
Information & Referral, Advocacy

Angie Pearman
Patient Advocate Assistant
Information & Referral, Advocacy

Suzanne Tilley
Patient Advocate
Information & Referral, Advocacy

Ada D. White
Patient Advocate
Information & Referral, Advocacy

Community Outreach Team

Julie LG Lanford, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN
Wellness Director
Wellness Groups, Survivor Programs, Education Programs

Felecia Bennett-Giles, MS
Outreach Educator
Education Programs, Body & Soul Outreach

Gloria Hall
Hispanic Outreach Educator
Education Programs, Prevención Outreach

Joyce Hairston
Outreach Educator
Education Programs, Place Based Outreach

Willonda H. Thomas, MBA
Marketing/Development Director 
Marketing and Fundraising

Operations Team

Sue Kirby
Office Manager
Donation Information, Volunteer Information, General information and questions

LeeAnn Taylor, MS
Business Manager

Malek Rais
Office Assistant
Information & Referral, Advocacy, Donation Information, Volunteer Information, General information and questions

Tara C. O’Brien, MBA
Chief Executive Officer