Find Your Calm with Healing Hands at Cancer Services

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At Cancer Services, we have a team of Healing Hands volunteers ready to help you find your calm!

It’s stressful to face a cancer diagnosis and treatment. You will feel better if you can get to a place of peace. There are many things to assist you in finding your calm – including finding a creative outlet, educating yourself and getting rest and relaxation.

Healing hands therapies do not treat cancer, but they can help you deal with the symptoms and side effects that are common with diagnosis and treatment for cancer. We offer the following therapies by appointment, for no charge!

  • Healing Touch – An energy therapy that supports and facilitates physical, emotional and mental health. The practitioner uses light touch.
  • Massage – Gentle massage with clothes removed to your comfort level.
  • Reiki – A reiki master places his or her hands in a series of light touches at various positions on the body.
  • Scar Therapy – Licensed massage therapist studies scars and manipulates them to help them heal.

Depending on the type of therapy and the practitioner, the appointment may take place at our office on Maplewood Ave, in Kernersville at Novant Cancer Center, or in the practitioners office.

Call Cancer Services to get an appointment! 336-760-9983

Note that priority is given to people currently in treatment, or who have recently completed treatment. Caregivers are also invited to receive healing hands therapies.