Why Support Cancer Services?

With over 16,000 nonprofits in North Carolina alone, we are honored to have supporters like you. Cancer Services has been working in our community for over 60 years and we are proud to serve cancer patients and their families. Here are some reasons why you should support Cancer Services:

  • 100% of funds remain in our community & all contributions are tax-deductible as Cancer Services is a 501(c)3 organization.
  • We are the only agency in our region providing comprehensive cancer support needs.
  • Our services address needs for individuals with any type of cancer and their families.
  • Someone can access our services at any time after diagnosis.
  • All of our services are provided at no charge.
  • Our agency is not affiliated with any national cancer organization and the needs we address are specifically identified as necessary within our community.
  • We work closely with organizations and the major medical centers in our community to insure we are meeting identified needs and that there is no duplication of services.

  • With a staff of 13 and 664 volunteers providing 15,899 hours of service, the agency made over 185,000 client and community contacts in 2015.
  • Over $15,000,000 in financial resources were provided to insure access to treatment support for all cancer survivors with direct and in-kind assistance.
  • For every $1 of direct assistance, another $119 were secured from in-kind resources.
  • 3,942 cancer survivors were helped in 2015, at an average of 17 contacts per client.
  • Educational programs were provided to 118,228 individuals through 913 programs.
  • Over 25% of the community was reached with messages on healthy living!
  • Body & Soul Partner Churches totaled 33, and 13 Community Gardens were built!