Community Outreach Programs

Cancer Services focuses their education programs to target groups who are at the most risk. These include minorities (specifically, African American and Hispanic communities) and those who have already faced a primary cancer diagnosis or are caring for someone who has faced a cancer diagnosis. In addition to these targeted programs, we offer community education via our healthy lifestyle website, partnerships with other agencies with a shared focus, and for other community groups, by request. If you have any questions about any of these programs, please contact a member of our Community Outreach Team at 336-760-9983.

Body & Soul Church Wellness Program: This program, modeled after a National Cancer Institute program, is a partnership between Cancer Services and local African-American congregations. Pastors commit to promote a healthy lifestyle within their congregations through sharing of information, health Sundays, and policies to promote healthy eating at church related functions.


BAPCAPS Barbershop Education Program: BAPCAPS partners with local African-American barbershops to educate men on ways to reduce cancer risk and make sure they are talking with their doctors about cancer screenings.

Beauty & Soul Beautyshop Education Program: Beauty & Soul partners with local African-American beautyshops to talk with women about reducing cancer risk and ensuring that age appropriate cancer screenings are being accessed.




Time 4 A Change Exercise Program: This program partners with a local fitness facility to offer discounted membership rates for those who participate in supportive exercise classes taught by our outreach educator.





Chicas de Salud Wellness Program: Chicas de Salud offers hispanic women education and exercise in a convenient location at no fee. Our Hispanic outreach educator spends each class doing physical activity while educating on important cancer risk reduction, health and wellness topics.




Promotores Education Classes in Spanish: Education classes in partnership with local community agencies to educate on a variety of health and wellness topics.




Promotores Beautyshop Program: Beauty & Soul partners with local Hispanic beautyshops to talk with women about reducing cancer risk and ensuring that age appropriate cancer screenings are being accessed.




Cancer Dietitian Nutrition Education Seminars & Blog: Our oncology dietitian authors a blog ( to provide evidence based information regarding nutrition, healthy eating and cancer. In person seminars in the local community as well as webinars on popular topics are available.


Survive & Thrive! Cancer Survivor Wellness Program : Our Survive & Thrive! programs help cancer clients to improve their quality of life and maximize health after a diagnosis. Visit our Survivorship Programs page for more information.