Coping Tips for Cancer Caregivers

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What Does it Mean to be a Cancer Caregiver? Being a caregiver involves many roles and responsibilities, benefits and challenges. Caregiving can be a rewarding job and has many benefits. Caregiving shows your loved one that you are committed to providing as much support as you can for them and often makes a difference in the quality of life and …

Cooking + Nutrition Workshop – Jan 30th 10am – 2pm.

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Join Chef Malena and The Cancer Dietitian, Julie Lanford, for this interactive and fun workshop combining the information you need about how to prepare nutritious and delicious food to support your body and soul! RSVP is required! Call 336-760-9983 or email to register. Registration deadline is Wednesday, Jan 27th. Space is limited to 20 participants. The Program: Utilizing the …

Be the 1 to Make a Difference!

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Meet Darlene. Darlene has beat breast cancer. Twice. With help from our staff, she has accessed financial resources to keep the lights on while she wasn’t able to work, borrowed wigs, came to support programs and received advice on how to apply for disability benefits. This picture was taken after all the treatments were complete. Her smile says it all! Because …

Using Meditation to Reduce Cancer Related Anxiety

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In November, we had Jacob Felder come to talk with our lung cancer group about meditation. Meditation has a lot of benefits. Specifically, for our group, we focused on how simple meditation can help lower the anxiety resulting from a diagnosis of cancer. Benefits of Meditation: Reduces stress… Clears the mind… Increases energy… Improves sleep… Relieves pain… Lowers blood pressure… Reduces …

‘Talking About It’ WEBINAR. Tips for communicating about cancer.

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REGISTER HERE! How to talk about cancer can be very touchy. If you’re the person facing a diagnosis, you want to communicate the right information without giving too much information. You want to be honest, but also not scare your loved ones. For caregivers and friends, sometimes you don’t know what to say. You have your own emotions about it …

LCAM: Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Hug a lung cancer survivor this month (and every other month)!

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When it comes to preventing lung cancer, many people think it’s a simple prescription: Don’t smoke. While there’s no question that smoking is the most influential risk factor for developing lung cancer, most people diagnosed with lung cancer are former smokers, or never smokers. Facing a lung cancer diagnosis is scary for patients and their families and friends. Often, rather than …

From Our Cancer Dietitian: Meals to Prep and Freeze Ahead

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Our Wellness Director, Julie Lanford, shares some recipes you can use for meal planning and prepare and freeze. Check out the full article here: